Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, Gaga...You never cease to amuse me.

Yes, this is probably my millionth post about Gaga…but you have to admit, she just never seems to fade into the pack! On the David Letterman show last night, Lady Gaga’s third outfit was a revealing one…consisting of underwear and a mask. Now, let’s be realistic: why would they even allow her to dress this way on a television talk show? But then again, this IS Gaga that we’re talking about—the same artist who served as a mentor on American Idol and wore some not-so-acceptable shoes (without anyone noticing, might I add)!
 She was on the show due to the release of her album “Born this Way” on Monday. Many are questioning how she even managed to record the album within the time span that she did, and Ryan Seacrest revealed on his LA radio show the same morning it released that most of the album was actually recorded ON the roads! After shows, Gaga would record her songs on a bus that was converted into a mobile studio while traveling to her next location. She never does quit, does she? You have to give her credit though…recording the majority of an album while on a moving bus is rather impressive.