Monday, November 8, 2010

All the Hype Over a Free Weezy

I don't believe there has ever been so much anticipation for someone to be released from prison as there was for Lil' Wayne on Thursday morning.  The excitement spread everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, MTV, other news channels, etc. However, his new album beat him out of the slammer by a few weeks. The rapper had been serving his time in "punitive segregation" due to an MP3 charger and a headset being found during a search of his cell. However, SOMEHOW his new album still managed to be released while he was still behind bars and, of course, hit the top charts not long after. Weezy even recorded a verse for Drake and Jay-Z's song "Light up" over the phone while behind bars. All i have to say is...really?! I myself am a fan of Lil' Wayne, but i still do not understand how someone can have a number one hit while incarcerated. In reality, neither fans nor haters can deny the obvious: it doesn't look like anything can stop this rapper. If he can have a number one hit from a prison cell, who knows what else he is capable of doing. Actually, that could be a pretty scary thought...

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