Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bret Michaels: the Cause of the Cyrus' Divorce?

Last week, the divorce of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus and seventeen years of marraige was brought into the focus of the public eye. The alleged cause? An affair between Tish and Bret Michaels, the lead singer of Poison, and also the star of various reality shows on VH1. Michaels claims that he has been friends with the couple for years, and no line has ever been crossed when it came to their relationships. During his interview with Fox, he then proceeded to discuss his health scare  involving his brain hemmorrhage from earlier this year. With all the rumors popping up here and there about celebrities and their wrong-doings, no one can really sort them as to what is true and what is not. Michaels' intereview with FoxNews can be viewed here, at the end of the article. He also discusses his new show ( yep,yet another...) on VH1 called "Life As I Know It." I'm pretty sure he's catching up to Flava Flav with the amount of reality shows he's starred in/created.

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