Monday, December 20, 2010

Would YOU Speak Up?
After a long night of work on Friday night, I walked in the door and sat down to eat a belated supper while my parents watched TV. The show they were watching was ABC’s What Would You Do? I had seen this show many times before, but this one caught my attention. The situation they were staging at the time I walked in had to do with a crying child in a car. They purposely made sure it was hot outside, then placed an extremely realistic baby doll inside a locked car, with no windows cracked. The low percentage of people who actually stopped had me completely flabbergasted. So many simply walked by—and it was not because they didn’t hear the cries of the child, because many people looked back multiple times.
The situation shared above is one of the more subtle, when compared to others. For example, another that was showed that night involved a pair of actors (the parents) and their children going out to dinner. The controversial aspect? The parents were of the same gender—either two men, or two women. Others in on the act were the waiter and the rest of the restaurant management, who threatened to kick the family out of the restaurant Again, the number of bystanders who intervened was low.
It surprises me that so many people don’t have the courage to speak up when something needs to be said. I do agree that in some situations, it is no one else’s business to interrupt, for instance, the situation of a son confessing his sexuality to his mother. However, when a person see’s a crying child trapped in a car, I completely do not understand how they can just walk away without even notifying the police, at the least. People in this world need to SPEAK UP!

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