Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lady Gaga Becoming Too Much?

Lady Gaga. When hearing that name, all one thinks is…wow. Her extremely outrageous fashion and music statements (for example, sporting a meat dress) are always completely out of the ordinary. However, recently, her “original” ideas may not be so original. Her most recent music video, “Born This Way” is, of course, quite bold—and also has many similarities to several of Madonna’s music videos, such as Express Yourself, Ray of Light, and Vogue. The response to this from the fans was split; some began to question Gaga’s artistry. On the other hand, some embraced the likeness of the videos. There were also those who completely discharged any similarities to Madonna’s Express Yourself, and simply praised the song.

Personally, I have not watched either video, so I cannot state my opinions of whether the two are similar in sound and context. I can say, however, that as lady Gaga has become more popular, she has also became more extravagant, and I am torn with whether this is necessarily a good thing. Compare her recent works (not to mention, latest looks), with those from when she first emerged—they have escalated drastically, thus pushing the line as to what is publically acceptable.

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