Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celeb's Eating Disorders Stemming from Portraying Characters?

Natalie Portman received a great honor at the Oscar’s this year…but at what cost? For her performance in Black Swan, she portrayed a distraught ballerina who lets the pressure she is under overtake her. Throughout the filming of the movie, Portman lost twenty-pounds by means of a grueling diet. Considering the fact that she is already thin, can this really be healthy?

As one can guess, she is not alone when it comes to dropping the pounds for a role. Among her are actresses such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, and Megan Fox. People are beginning to become concerned; will these stars develop eating and health disorders due to their constant weight loss and gain? I mean, clearly, the act is not healthy, but as actors they must be engulfed by the character they are portraying.

The health of the actors and actresses alone is not the sole reason for concern. Lanae Brody, entertainment reporter and media expert from Fox news, surfaces a good point. Many women really do watch the lives of some celebrities quite closely. Is it possible women could develop these unhealthy habits due to their admiration for top-notch celebrities? They may simply think “Oh, well if *insert well-known celebrity name here* does that, then I should, too!”

One cannot blame the celebrities for any ignited health issues among women among their audience. They are simply doing their job—and that is acting the part. However, I do agree that such diets are not healthy and should not be demanded of these actors and actresses.

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