Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 24 for American Idol Revealed (Finally!)

Over the past two nights on Fox, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson had narrowed the top 40 contestants down to the top 24, who will perform live on the American Idol stage with hopes of winning the hearts of America  (Click here to view all contestants chosen). The judges made it apparent that the talent level was through the rook this year—the contestants had to be better than good to have any shot at going into the next round. With that being said, viewers (and some contestants) had to realize that some of those who were great singers had to be sent home, even if they did not necessarily deserve it.

Chris Medina, 26

Among those who many thought did not deserve to go home was Chris Medina. Yes, I have to say that his story was heartbreaking, and his devotion to his now-handicapped fiancé is nothing short of admirable. Not one person can deny that he is just overall a great individual. However, as previously stated, the competition is fierce, and, though it was horribly sad to see him go, he was not consistent enough to meet the par for the top 24.

Another controversial aspect of this season was the decision to lower the entry age to 15, which is a year under the 16-year-old limit of all previous seasons. The judges feel, however, that the right decision was made, due to two 15-year-olds, Thia Megia and Lauren Alaina, being part of the prestigious top 24.

Next week, the official live show will begin; the top 12 men are to perform on Tuesday, followed by the top 12 girls on Wednesday. Thursday night will be the dreaded elimination night, when even more cuts will have to be made. This time, however, America will decide who stays and who goes. Do you have a favorite contestant yet?

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