Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glee Passes Up Legends On Billboard Top 100

With only 18 months of appearing on the charts, the hit show Glee now has more hits on the Billboard top 100 than anyone—this including artists such as the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson. With debuting six songs last week, they are now up to 113, surpassing Elvis, who totaled 108. Anyone familiar with the show knows that all of their songs are simply covers of other artists’ hits. With that being said, one has to question—is it really a legitimate record for the show to hold? In my opinion, no…and for several reasons. These songs were not written by them, simply re-sang—and often quite similar to the original version. On the contrary, artists such as Elvis and the Beatles primarily produced their own original music. Not to mention, some of Glee’s covers which contributed to their record are songs of these great artists whom they superseded! Not too fair, is it? I don’t mean to offend any lovers of the show. I will admit, I have never watched a single episode, and I’m sure, with how big the show is (and from what I’ve heard from friends), it is a decent show in context. That still does not change my opinions with them holding this record.

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