Sunday, February 13, 2011

"...But You Didn't Have to Get Me Anything!"

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, gushy love letters, and dozens of roses—all these things are what we typically relate to Valentine’s Day.  Sure, a diamond ring is always nice, but a sweet note, accompanied by a single rose or box of chocolates, will always suffice. However, these gifts aren’t usually enough to satisfy the world's biggest celebrities. We all know, of course, that buying a fancy, expensive gift is never the way to show your sweetie how much you care. Apparently, some stars would beg to differ. Let’s take a look at what BuzzFeed considers as the top five celebrity gifts over the past several years!
1. Given to David Arquette by his wife Courtney Cox. I guess he was a little too old for a real pony? However, I’m not so sure substituting a carousel one makes it too much more suitable!

2.       What says “I love you, Beyoncé!” better than a platinum, jewel-encrusted cell phone? According to Jay-Z, not a thing…

3.       Romantic nights are common among couples. The difference between the average Joe and Jane couple and the fancy celeb couple? Celebs don’t invite one another to their homes; instead, they rent a $40,000 hotel suite (remember…this is only for one night!), like the one George Clooney purchased for Sarah Larson.

4.       Okay… it’s true. A pricey engagement ring is not exactly out of the ordinary for a Valentine’s Day gift, but if it’s one like Howard Stern bought Beth Ostrosky, it is. In other words, only celebs spend $250,000 on a 5.2 carat emerald-cut rock like this one!

5.       Of all the celebs with the love-bug, Katy Perry must have been bitten pretty hard. What did she purchase this year for Russell Brand?  A $341,000 Bentley, of course! I must say, receiving a set of keys to that beauty would be a sufficient exchange for the key to my heart…*hint hint*

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