Saturday, February 12, 2011

Polaroids, Glasses and LED Lights...Oh My!

Strange accessory crazes are taking off lately. One that has caused bundles of hype? Polaroid glasses; and, of course, who would propose such an idea rather than Lady Gaga, who is far from the average accessorizer. These glasses, the Polarez GL20, contain a camera, as well as two one and a half inch LCD projectors, in the lens. What all does this contraption do? Capture photos, playback said photos, watch slideshows and videos, enable photo sharing—you name it, they are most likely capable! Gaga was inspired by linking two similar iPod screens to play movies; the details were strung along after. Surprisingly enough, it is still possible to clearly see what is ahead of you, due to the LCD screens being positioned just below the line of vision.

A bright white smile sure does attract the eye—but how about a bright green smile…or a bright blue one? Japan has been struck by a new craze: LED teeth. Designed and fitted in a similar manner to an everyday mouth guard, a small LED insert is positioned on the teeth and…VIOALA, a brightly accented smile. A wireless hand-held control switch helps to allow the colors to be changed from blue, green, red and even a flashing sequence of all three options. Creator Moto Ishibashi and his partner Daito Manabe are beginning lessons to teach kids how to make their own LED teeth. One thing’s for sure...anyone will be able to spot that smile from a mile away!

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