Monday, May 16, 2011

Update: Top Three on Idol

Yes, another American Idol update. However, regardless of how many I’ve already posted, this one is completely necessary. James Durbin, the metal/rocker powerhouse on Idol, was sent home in a shocking elimination last Thursday evening. Personally (and after reading many online reactions, I know most of the other viewers share my opinion), I would not have been surprised to see James win the competition. He always puts on quite a show, and portrays many different sides to his rocker style. But what’s up with America not feeling it? Fox news blames his level of maturity and, thus, lack of ability to relate as a sole reason. Considering two of the remaining contestants are in their teens, I can understand this theory. Fox also references, but does not clearly blame, Durbin’s disabilities—high functioning autism and Asperger’s— for his elimination. I do not see how these conditions hindered him in any way, especially since we all learned early in the competition that, oddly enough, James never shows symptoms of these while performing. If anything, persevering through the competition, all things considered, is miraculous, and quite inspiring.
Just in case the thought wasn’t caught, yes…it upset me to see James go. I looked forward to his performances and what different element he would bring to the stage each week. Wednesday night’s show will seem like it’s missing something (maybe because it is!).

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