Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol upset: Favorite Leaves Earlier than Expected

March 30: In this photo released by Fox, Pia Toscano performs in front of the judges on the singing competition series, 'American Idol,' in Los Angeles.Last night’s American Idol elimination could very well be considered the biggest upset on the show…ever. Pia Toscano, whom most expected to make it to the finale (and possibly even win), was voted off, placing her ninth in the competition. Whether you are a fan of Pia or not, you cannot deny that her voice was by far the strongest in the competition. Yes, she did sing ballad after ballad, but she seemed to be finally breaking out of that routine. But should the blame be placed on America or the judges?
Randy, Steven, and Jennifer were all gung-ho about saving Casey when he was in danger of leaving the competition—so anxious to save him that they didn’t even allow him to finish his do-or-die performance. Did the jump the gun too soon? Many believe so. Not to mention, Casey’s vocal talent can barely be compared to that of Pia’s. However, when it comes to America, you have to look at the facts. Who watches American Idol? Probably not the “million men at a million bars having a millions drinks” over Pia (as Steven put it). This would also explain the past few winners—all of which were male rockers. In other words, a teenage girl is going to vote for someone like Scotty McCreery or James Durbin before they even begin to think about voting for Pia, or even Lauren or Haley, for that matter. The current standings even support this theory. Of the top eight left, only two girls remain. Needless to say, the winner this year should more appropriately be named the “teen of America’s idol”.

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