Monday, April 4, 2011

Judges use their ONLY Save for Season 10...

As any American Idol fanatic knows (or maybe simply anyone who tunes in from time to time), the judges have the opportunity to save one contestant per season, up until the top 5. This year, the judges used their save quite early—on Casey Abrams. As Casey began to sing for his life after being told he had the fewest amount of votes, Randy began waving his hands for the performance to be stopped. He and the other two judges then proceeded to exclaim that Casey was too good to be the bottom contestant, and that they did not need to hear him sing to know how good he was. Casey himself was caught completely off guard (hence, the quivering/almost fainting…). He was filmed before the result show started stating that the judges would “never use their save this early in the season. As expected, viewers reacted in various ways to this decision. Some were ecstatic, some were less than enthused, while others had the simple “Ehh...” reaction. I would place myself more-so in the “less than enthused” category.
I, personally, do not mind Casey. By this statement, I mean the following: he is not one of my favorites, nor is he one of the ones I wish would go home week after week. However, as a follow-up to this, I do not believe he is talented enough—when compared to the competition this year—to win the competition. Therefore, I believe the judges should have wished him the best and proceeded to have him leave the show. Clearly, American thinks otherwise, based upon the results of last week, which showed that Casey was not even in the bottom three anymore. Is it possible that this “near-death experience” sparked a sudden fondness for Casey among the nation? It is quite possible, but only time will tell. Quite frankly, I’m hoping not. He is far from being the most talented among the bunch this season, and to see others who exceed his level of talent leave instead of him would be almost heart-breaking.

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