Monday, April 4, 2011

"Does my hair look okay?"

Think of how many times you style your hair in a week, whether it be with a flat-iron, curling iron, blow dryer, etc. It’s a lot, right? So it’s no wonder everyone always complains about dry, overworked hair. We all see countless hair care commercials every day, and (don’t lie, you know you do this, too…) always think “Oh, maybe THAT kind of shampoo will work…I think I’ll try it!” Here’s a newsflash: most shampoos don’t really do much of anything. Even the most advanced ingredients can’t really penetrate the hair. Instead, they pretty much just sit there until they’re washed off again.
So how can you get rid of that dry—or better yet, fried—hair? The hottest new thing in hair care is called Phyx from Kronos, which introduces a new technology called T-SFERE. The serum is applied before bed, and left to work its “magic”. It was even rated number one overnight hair repair treatment by The Good Housekeeping Institute. Surprisingly, this costs around $50 on Quite frankly, I was expecting even a higher price than that.

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