Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teen Mom's Violent Twist

Troubled 'Teen Moms' Jenelle Evans (left) and Amber Portwood have both had trouble with the law.
Janelle Evans, left. Amber Portwood, right.
Janelle Evans and Amber Portwood, two stars from MTV’s “16 and pregnant” series, have both had encounters with the law. Evans has been charged with breaking and entering, credit card theft, and possession of drugs all within the first year of the show. For these, she is facing up to six months in jail. The show was started to showcase how the lives of these teens have been altered and complicated by the bearing of a child, but it seems as though it has taken a violent turn.

Jennifer Del Rio, to be on the following season.

Previews for the next season further support this violent change. Jennifer Del Rio from Riverview, Florida is showed throwing punches at her boyfriend, then being dragged off, exclaiming that he will never see his children again (“children” being plural because she is the mother of twins). Each season appears to introduce more and more violence and conflict throughout these teens’ lives, and writer Brian Balthazar from makes a good point: “[The producers] are going to need to have even more over-the-top characters, even more rebellious kids.” Domestic violence seems to be becoming a key ingredient…when will enough be enough?

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