Monday, April 4, 2011

Skins: Should there be a Season 2?

On Monday January 17th, MTV premiered its new series called Skins, a show meant to portray the secret lives behind the average American teens. However, instead of satisfying viewers, the first episode struck many in an offensive manner. As the New York Times states, the show is “mostly about explicit teenage characters doing explicit things”. MTV press, responding to the TV-MA rating of the show, says that it is meant to be viewed solely by adults. However, the fact that the show is being aired on one of the most popular channels among teens suggests the intentions were not for it to be viewed by adults alone.  Deeper concerns are rising, as well. Several teens that star in the series are only fifteen years old, and many critics brand the show as being on the borderline between simply overexposed and child pornography.
With the season having now come to a close, should another season be aired? It is questionable. Do teens really behave in such a lude manner like this every day? Sure, we hear about the crazy parties over the weekends, and all the ridiculous things that happened. But the show makes it seem as though acts like this are normal and expected of teenagers in this day and age. Speaking as a teenager, i tend to think otherwise. There may be a good bit of troublemakers, but there's still a decent amount of good apples among the bad ones!

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