Monday, April 4, 2011

Are YOU addicted to Facebook?

10. If you can type “” in less than two seconds, with or without your eyes closed, without EVER having a typo.
9. When Facebook goes temporarily unavailable, you curl into a ball in the corner and sob until it’s up and running.
8. As soon as any life-changing event occurs, you immediately post it to your status.
7.  You call your friends to let them know they have new posts on their wall before they even have the chance to see them.
6. You have a Facebook application on your phone, your iPod and every other electronic device you own Thinking about trying to install one into your dog, too?
5. If someone does not have his own Facebook, you immediately make one for him, with or without consent.
4. The only way someone can successfully communicate with you (meaning, the only way they can generate a response) is if they send you an IM on Facebook, even when you’re both in the same room.3. You see nothing wrong with Facebook stalking.
2. The sole purpose of your camera is to take a new profile picture each month. Really, who takes cameras to important events anymore?
1. You’ve become so desperate to have new friends that you have finally accepted a few “Mohammads” or “Amrinders” whosend creepy friend requests to you and all of your friends.

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