Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iCarly Star Chooses Show over Education

Miranda Cosgrove, star of the hit TV show iCarly, revealed her acceptance to her top two college choices—University of Southern California and NYU—where she planned on studying film. However, the 17-year-old (soon to be 18) has chosen to put off college until next spring, or possibly even the following fall. Cosgrove told the NY Post press, “I’m chickening out at the last minute. I love New York, but I’m scared to move and leave LA.” But why? Surely, with iCarly bringing in about $180,000 per episode, money is not the issue at hand. Not to mention, the popularity is through the roof at the moment; the latest episode drew in more than 7 million viewers. Is it worth putting off college in order to continue the pursuit with this hit series? But then again, with the popularity showing nothing but growth, I can understand her decision. It’s always better late than never, I guess…even when it comes to getting a college education. Right?

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